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Crazy Lace Agate Heart With Druze 84g

Crazy Lace Agate Heart With Druze 84g

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5.8cm x 5.0cm x 2.0 cm


Nicknamed the laughter stone or happy lace, this semi-precious stone is a joy to hold and look at. Its beautifully intricate design is created by layers of Silica-rich ash and larva being deposited on top of each other layer by layer around 60-90 million years ago. The varying colours are formed by the presence of different minerals within the ash and larva. No two stones are the same, which makes this beautiful design even more appealing. 

This is a stone of encouragement and support, pushing you to your goals. It's associated with fun, laughter and dancing! oozing positivity and all things wonderful. It will also support you during emotional times, helping you to find positivity and happiness. It can also support you with concentration and energy, which helps you reach goals and complete tasks. 

Cleansing : Simply wipe gently with warm soapy water. Avoid any household chemicals. 

Charging: You can place under the light of a full moon, place on selenite, or bury it in the ground for a day. 

Once cleansed and charged, set your intention. Exhale onto the crystal while in a meditative state and focus on your intentions. 


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