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Carnelian Flame

Carnelian Flame

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322g 8.5cmH x 6cmW

A member of the chalcedony family, Carnelian has rich orange/ reddish colours from Its Iron oxide content. It was maned by the ancient Egyptians, who considered the more Orange Carnelian to be blessed with feminine energy. The more red Carnelian was said to hold masculine energy and was often used by warriors, who would string it around their necks when going into battle. Carnelian has been found on the shores of Brazil, India, Egypt, Uruguay, and the Amazon. It has a vivacious creative edge in everything it does and has powerful healing abilities. 

The warm vibrations from Carnelian are said to help with ligament and joint pain, easing lower back pains and soothing the body, mind and soul. Known to gift vitality to those who feel low on energy and encourage creativity in those who want to let the creative juices flow.

Cleansing your Carnelian

There are a few methods which can be used to cleanse your Carnelian. Simply choose which methods suits you. 

1- Cleanse with sacred smoke such as burning sage or incense in a fire proof bowl and passing your crystal through the smoke for approximately 30 seconds.

2- Also a simple gentle wash in warm soapy water will help your crystal to shake off any negative energy that may be stuck to it. 

3- Cleanse using sound, such as a singing bowl. 

To charge your Carnelian

 This can be done using a selenite charging plate, or place it in the sunlight for a short amount of time. 

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