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Alina Crystals

6cm Orange Calcite & Epidote Sphere

6cm Orange Calcite & Epidote Sphere

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317g 6cm

The energy amplifier. 

Calcite is all about upping your motivation levels so you can get stuff done. It makes your mind feel sharper whilst keeping you balanced and serene.  With its soda pop shades and connection to the sacral chakra, Orange Calcite is a bright burst of joy. Here to amplify energy and radiate positivity, this stone brims with.

The meaning of Calcite comes from the ancient Greek word Chalix and the Latin word Calx – which basically translates to lime. Rather than referring to colour, the link to lime refers to its makeup of crystallized limestone. It is mined across the world but most notably is uncovered in the mines of Eastern Europe, Belgium, Great Britain, Romania, Mexico, Namibia, the USA and Iceland.

Calcite is all about helping your bones and skeletal system. It also helps with blood circulation and encourages a healthy immune system. It keeps people growing in strength and spirit. Being a highly cleansing stone also means that on a spiritual level Calcite is ready to clear out the negative energy that has been stashed away in the back of your mind. It can help us to reconnect to our soul and can even encourage us to tap into hidden psychic abilities.

Cleansing and charging.

A little warm water and a soft cloth are all that’s needed for bringing Calcite back to its pristine performance.  If you want to charge up your Calcite to ensure its inner battery is topped up, then you can leave your Orange Calcite in sunlight so it can beam up all those beautiful vibes. Calcite crystals also like to sit in clusters so this could be another way to keep them charged.

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