Do you over compare?

Do you over compare?

ok hear me out on this one... We all already know that we compare ourselves probably too much. It takes a very strong person to not fall victim to the temptation to compare. But I think the issue is not so much the comparing, but the reason for comparing. ( how many times am I going to say comparing?!?!)

It's perfectly acceptable to look at someone else's work and think " ooh, those side walls are super straight, I want to work towards that" or " I would love my freehand art to be at this level" it's the bit we do afterwards that is the problem, the little nagging voice that says things like " but I will never be that good" THAT right there is the thing we need to stop!

NO ONE wakes up one day with zero experience in nails, buys a kit and produces work at a superior level! we ALL start at ground zero, we all feel like we are a child learning to write again, we all mess up and think " I will never be good at this"

I shall being going into way more detail on this in this weeks podcast. But I wanted to include some of it in this little blogpost. Whenever you feel like the negative comparisons are creeping in, do yourself a favour, go back to one of the first sets of nails you did and compare them to where you are now. Realise your own progress and how brilliant you are!

tag me in your posts celebrating YOU and YOUR achievements!


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